The recipients of the 2015. Tate & Lyle Math and Science Grants are: 
    Lenoir City Elementary School teacher Brittany Grigsby received $3,927 for her Do It Yourself Math project. Students in K – 3 will use IPads to create DIY videos to demonstrate skills that they have learned in Math. The completed videos will be posted to the integrated technology school web site so that others can access the video to learn the demonstrated skill. Funds will be used to purchase the IPads which will be re-usable for additional years. The first year project will benefit 486 students.  
    Lenoir City Elementary School teacher Norma Jean Norman received $3,000 for a school-wide We Go with Lego project. This hands-on math and science project will provide experiences that go hand in hand with classroom lessons for 495 students. This opportunity will pilot the program for LCES, providing the opportunity to investigate the possibility of future purchases of classroom sets of Legos. 
     Kevin Smith of Lenoir City High School received $1,500 to fund his Pre-Engineering Class Project – Space Balloon Launch. The class will work together to construct two high-altitude balloons, launch them and collect data upon their return. Each balloon will be equipped with a video camera to capture photographic data and a GPS locator. Along the way, the class will be applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to build the project. A video compiling building, launching, and flight time clips will also be created after the project’s completion. This project will provide benefit to 14 students initially, but project details and data will be shared with many students to expand this experience.  
    Greenback School teacher Lisa Hampton received $875 for “When I practice” project. This Math Intervention program will target 175 at-risk students and provide remedial math skills. Teachers will find specific deficit areas for individual students and provide practice opportunities to strengthen student math skills. Guessing is not an option and students are unable to move on until they have a genuine understanding of each topic. This project will be re-useable for multiple years. 
    Ft. Loudoun Middle School teacher Carla Ellis received $710.00 for her project Sun, Moon, and Stars project. This project will help create hands-on experiences using different materials for students to address five state standards in 6th grade science that require an understanding of how the Sun, Earth, and Moon interact and affect us. The project will benefit 98 students in the first year and will be re-used until materials and equipment are exhausted. 

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