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Susan Williamson
Susan Fox

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Chair Sandra Day
Vice Chair Rasmus Dyhr
Past Chair Sharon Yarbrough
Treasurer John Evans
Secretary Joanna Richardson

New Board members
Melanie Harris – Assistant Principal of Lenoir City High School
Ed Purdy – Plant Manager Proton Power
Dana Jarrett – Co-owner Nature by Design

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Susan Fox
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​2016 Year in Review – 
We held our 22th annual Excellence in Education Celebration in April to acknowledge our Young Achievers, Outstanding Teachers and New Teachers. Our Essay Contest, 19th year, was included as well – and our sponsor doubled the prize money this year. We had our first National Prize winner in Young Achievers, Helen Harper who received $400 from the International Leadership Network. Coincidentally the same amount as our membership

We held our third annual fund raising event, ‘Dine out for Education’ and raised our highest net at $2,938.35.  We held the Garden Party fund raiser this year, and although it was challenging, the event had a net profit of $1,537.72. Imagination Library participant numbers are the highest ever for Loudon County at 1800, which is a 68% saturation of eligible children in Loudon County.  Leadership Loudon County hosted 12 important community leaders, have raised community awareness of the program in addition to raising funds to purchase stocked STEM for three Loudon County Elementary Schools. 

Total Contribution for 2016 is $88,156 benefitting over 8080 Students. 

Contributions over the past 5 years:

2012 - $ 62,316.
2013 – 100,025.
2014 – 114,000.
2015 - $ 86,225.
2016 - $87,506

Total     $450,072